Three-dimensional curvy electronics created using conformal additive stamp printing
Electronic devices are typically manufactured in planar layouts, but many emerging applications, from optoelectronics to wearables, require three-dimensional curvy structures. However, the fabrication ...

World’s Largest Electronics Marketplace Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) & electronicAsia Open in October
The 39 th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and 23 rd electronicAsia will be held concurrently at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13-16 October 2019. The two ...

Masked men steal $10K in electronics from Best Buy near Battle Creek
BATTLE CREEK, MI -- Two men wearing masks broke into a Best Buy and stole more than $10,000 worth of electronics before the Emmett Township store opened. Best Buy employees inside the business were ...

Speakers for LOT,smart home,consumer electronics and security and protection systems
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A Ton of Recycling: Missouri American Water Employees Recycle More Than 2,000 Lbs. of Personal Electronics
From a 1990s-era cell phone to an old water heater, Missouri American Water employees in the St. Louis area recycled electronics small and large during an event in early September. In partnership ...

Rosco iPro Slide P8855

Rosco iPro Slide — Wildlife 8855

Rosco Roscolux RS #302 T1296

Rosco Roscolux #302: Pale Bastard Amber — T12 96″ Sleeve

Rosco GamColor 24 Roll 105

Rosco GamColor #105: Antique Rose — 24″ x 50' Roll

Nady Audio UWS-100 GT

Nady Audio 100 Channel Select UHF Wireless System with WGT Instrument Bodypack Transmitter

Altman 20-0052

Altman 20−0052

Rosco Cool Ink SLS 0020

Rosco Plastic Gobo SLS 0020 Reason for the Season

Rosco E-Colour QS #039 T548

Rosco E-Colour #039: Pink Carnation — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour Sheet E209

Rosco E-Colour #209: .3 Neutral Density — 21″ x 24″ Sheet

Rosco Cool Ink HD 79140

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Music Mix

Rosco 515911250002

Rosco Canopy Feed Cover

Rosco E-Colour QS #116 T1248

Rosco E-Colour #116: Medium Blue Green — T12 48″ Quicksleeve

Lex LPA-XLR-20PR-25

Lex Pro Audio XLR 20-Pair Snake Cable — 25'

Rosco E-Colour QS #058 T824

Rosco E-Colour #058: Lavender — T8 24″ Quicksleeve

Nady Audio IR-HBP

Nady Audio BodyPack for IRW-HT6X

Rosco Cool Ink 77278

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Alto-Stratus

X91 3Wx2 Bluetooth 4.2 FM Radio Speaker Support USB AUX TF Card Handsfree Phone Call

Features: The use of high-fidelity speakers, make sound more natural and delicate Standard 3.5mm headphone jack can be used for computer speakers use

Hercules DS420B

Hercules Travlite In-Bell Trombone Stand

Altman 54-307114BK-40

3071 SEW2 14/7 Black 200 °C 600V 40″ w/Eyelet

Waterproof Corrugated Tubing Fitting Max 34.5mm OD Thread Length 15mm Panel Mounting Hole 33.3-33

Corrugated Tubing Fittings are used on the ends of flexible conduit tubing to adapt the size of the conduit tube to a smaller space for the cables to

Rosco Signature B&W 82756

Rosco Glass Gobo — Twice Round the Block

Rosco E-Colour RS #088 T536

Rosco E-Colour #088: Lime Green — T5 36″ Roscosleeve

Tempest PC-ANT-DIR906

Tempest 900MHz 6dBi Yagi Directional Antenna with N Connector

Rosco E-Colour QS #174 T548

Rosco E-Colour #174: Dark Steel Blue — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

ETC 490HID-150

ETC Source Four HID Ellipsoidal 90 Degree — 150W — Black (#7060A1092−0X)

Altman 31-HM04-SS

4−40 M/S Hex Nut 18/8 Stainless Steel


ADJ 360 degrees Tube Truss Clamp

Rosco Cool Ink 82735

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Cityscape 3

Rosco Roscolux RS #103 T824

Rosco Roscolux #103: Tough Frost — T8 24″ Sleeve

Applied NN 5-18-190

Applied NN 18″ Euro Style Tri-Truss 90 Degree Vertical

Lex EGME16/7-P14-15

Lex EverGrip 14 Pin Molded Quarter Turn Motor Control Cable Extension — 15'

Rosco Steel Gobo 78486

Rosco Steel Gobo — 3×3 Tall

Altman 23-0019

Altman #SAT Yoke Mounting Knob Knurled ½−13 X 1−3/4

Rosco Roscolux QS #21 T536

Rosco Roscolux #21: Golden Amber — T5 36″ Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour RS #322 T1248

Rosco E-Colour #322: Soft Green — T12 48″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Cinegel RS #3407 T524

Rosco Cinegel #3407: Roscosun CTO — T5 24″ Roscosleeve

Altman RNDL-5-50-CLR

Altman 5 5/8″ 50 degree Spread Roundel — Clear 9000

Pathway 1009

Pathway DMX/RDM Splitter

Rosco E-Colour E003 - Roll

Rosco E-Colour #003: Lavender Tint — 48″ x 25' Roll

Rosco Roscolux RS #53 T560

Rosco Roscolux #53: Pale Lavender — T5 60″ Sleeve

Rosco E-Colour RS #505 T548

Rosco E-Colour #505: Sally Green — T5 48″ Roscosleeve

Avolites 09-01-0500

Avolites Sapphire Touch Flight Case

Rosco Roscolux QS #302 T524

Rosco Roscolux #302: Pale Bastard Amber — T5 24″ Quicksleeve

Trusst CT-PIN12

TRUSST Spare Spigots & Safety Pins

Rosco Cool Ink 77907

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Water Lines


ADJ Gel Pack — 7″ x 7″ - Pack B

Rosco Cool Ink 78739

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Wire Weave

Electro-Voice EVF-1122S/99-WHT

Electro-Voice Front-Loaded Two-Way 2″ Driver Loudspeaker — 90×90 — EVCoat — 12″ - White

14 AWG Power Extension Cord, IEC 320 C14 to IEC 320 C13

Extends power cord length for PCs, monitors, printers, scanners and other devices that use the 3-pin shrouded power connector. Length: 6 feet. Con

Telex RTS PH-1 A5M

Telex RTS Single-Sided Full Cushion Medium Weight Headset with 5-pin Male Connector

Rosco E-Colour RS #237 T896

Rosco E-Colour #237: C.I.D. to Tungsten — T8 96″ Roscosleeve

Light Source MTD12/3

Light Source Mega-Truss Dolly for 3−12″ Truss (36″ Long) — Aluminum Finish

Rosco E-Colour QS #013 T824

Rosco E-Colour #013: Straw Tint — T8 24″ Quicksleeve

Applied NN 13-06-002

Applied NN 12″ x 18″ Spigoted Box Truss — 2-Way Corner

Altman 30-FHP0820-FBZ

8−32×1−¼ Flat Head Phillip «F» Type Black Zinc

Rosco Cinegel QS #3028 T536

Rosco Cinegel #3028: Tough ¼ White Diffusion (¼ 216) — T5 36″ Quicksleeve

City Theatrical 5050-12-RGBWW-60-5-20-1

City Theatrical QolorFLEX RGBWW LED Strip

Phoenix 456-237

Phoenix 456−237 Lamp & Housing — For Dukane Projectors

CITC 600250

CITC Flake Level Adjuster for Little Blizzard

eSATA Female Connector Covers

Protect eSATA jacks from physical damage, dust, dirt, grime, and liquids. Compatible with standard eSATA female connectors. Easy to remove. Avail

CITC 600729

CITC High Pressure Tubing 3/8″ OD

CITC 150162 – 5 Gallons

CITC Little Blizzard Super Extra Dry — 5 Gallon Cubitainer

Rosco Roscolux RS #378 T1224

Rosco Roscolux #378: Alice Blue — T12 24″ Sleeve


MBT Red Colored Lens for Pinspots & Par36s

Rosco Roscolux RS #103 T1248

Rosco Roscolux #103: Tough Frost — T12 48″ Sleeve


¼″ x 2.25″ Zinc Plated S-Hook

Rosco E-Colour QS #164 T536

Rosco E-Colour #164: Flame Red — T5 36″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Roscolux QS #38 T548

Rosco Roscolux #38: Light Rose — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

Generic ELPLP10B

Generic ELPLP10B Lamp & Housing — For Epson Projectors

AC Power Adapter for Xbox 360 Slim

Do you want to have more exciting gaming experience than before? If your answer is yes, today I am glad to highly recommend the durable Xbox 360 adapt

Altman 20-0170

Altman 20−0170


1/8−3/16″ Clear Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable — 7×7 — 500ft/reel

Rosco Cool Ink HD 78619

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Camel Train

Rosco Roscolux QS #112 T836

Rosco Roscolux #112: Opal Tough Frost — T8 36″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Cool Ink 78215

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Patterned Grate

City Theatrical 521M

City Theatrical Track Tamer with Knob (metric)

Sunbuck AV-580USB/BT Bluetooth4.0 5CH 400W+400W+120W Amplifier Support SD Card USB FM Microphone

Features: This Amplifier is a multi-functional surround sound amplifier that’s suitable for hi-fi, home cinema, or for small PA and karaoke events. S


ETC ColorSource Wireless DMX Transmitter — Power Supply and Antenna Included (#4410A1000)

Rosco Roscolux RS #08 T1236

Rosco Roscolux #08: Pale Gold — T12 36″ Sleeve


ETC Universal Power Supply Replacement (#PS354-US)

Rosco Steel Gobo 77732

Rosco Steel Gobo — Realistic Leaves

Rosco E-Colour QS #217 T1260

Rosco E-Colour #217: Blue Diffusion — T12 60″ Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour RS #143 T824

Rosco E-Colour #143: Pale Navy Blue — T8 24″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Roscolux RS #14 T560

Rosco Roscolux #14: Medium Straw — T5 60″ Sleeve

Duplex LC Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Panels, 12/48 ports

Duplex LC Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Panel. Preloaded with LC couplers for feed thru of fiber optic cables. These panels feature a heavy gauge st

Altman SS-CYC100-CF-B

Altman 100W Spectra Series LED Cyc Colorframe — Black

Rosco Roscolux QS #26 T536

Rosco Roscolux #26: Light Red — T5 36″ Quicksleeve

City Theatrical 5731

City Theatrical Antenna 4dBi Indoor Omni

Digital LED Projection Alarm Clock With Voice Temperature F/C Switching

Feature: Multi-function digital LCD temperature voice LED projection alarm clock. 5 kinds of music alarms, built-in loudspeakers, the sound is clear a

Rosco Cool Ink HD 78037

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Elm

Rosco E-Colour RS #278 T560

Rosco E-Colour #278: Eighth Plus Green — T5 60″ Roscosleeve

Chauvet Professional AFFINITYRK

Chauvet Professional Affinity Rig Kit

Rosco E-Colour QS #500 T1236

Rosco E-Colour #500: Double New Colour Blue — T12 36″ Quicksleeve

Applied NN 3-10-003

Applied NN 10″ Ultra Lite Tri-Truss 3-Way Adapter

Rosco E-Colour RS #226 T836

Rosco E-Colour #226: U.V. Filter — T8 36″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Roscolux QS #11 T1236

Rosco Roscolux #11: Light Straw — T12 36″ Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour RS #135 T524

Rosco E-Colour #135: Deep Golden Amber — T5 24″ Roscosleeve

Altman 57-0023

Altman #FS Clear Window Plug Heyco #1303(.375 Dia) MCM# 1179K14

Applied NN 5-12-030BK

Applied NN 12″ Euro Style Tri-Truss — 2.5ft — Black


3/8″ Zinc Plated Proof Coil Chain — Grade 30 — 66ft/pail

Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Sticks For Nintendo Wii Console Remote Controller Game

Features: High order CPU processing technology, built-in chip control technology Special hiteffects, reliable drum frame, advanced turn resistance di

Nady Audio UWS-100 R

Nady Audio 100 Channel Select UHF Wireless Receiver

Fortune RSR-12

Fortune Riser — 12″

Rosco E-Colour QS #019 T860

Rosco E-Colour #019: Fire — T8 60″ Quicksleeve

ADJ Par-G46/B

ADJ Par 46 Gel Frame — Black

Altman SSCYC50-3K-W

Altman 50W 3K LED Spectra Cyc — White

Rosco E-Colour RS #236 T896

Rosco E-Colour #236: HMI to Tungsten — T8 96″ Roscosleeve

Rosco E-Colour Sheet E704

Rosco E-Colour #704: Lily — 21″ x 24″ Sheet

Rosco E-Colour QS #226 T536

Rosco E-Colour #226: U.V. Filter — T5 36″ Quicksleeve

MHL HDMI To SCART 1080p Video Audio Converter Scaler Smartphone Sky STB DVD

MHL HDMI To SCART 1080p Video Audio Converter Scaler Smartphone Sky STB DVD

Generic DT00771

Generic DT00771 Lamp & Housing — For Hitachi Projectors

Ushio REALiS SX80

Ushio REALiS SX80 Replacement Lamp for Canon Projectors

CITC 600752

CITC .25″ NPT Push Connector Adapter

City Theatrical 6311

City Theatrical Blast 12 TR 20 Degree Lens

Rosco Steel Gobo 71056

Rosco Steel Gobo — Super Star

Times Square Q4Z/W

Times Square 4.5-Inch Zoom Ellipsoidal — White

TRN Earphone Replacement Cable Upgraded Silver Plated Cable Use For TRN V10 KZ ZS6 ZS5 ZS3 ZST ZSR RT-1 TFZ

Specifications: Plug type: L type plug Ues for: TRN V10 KZ ZS6/ZS5/ZS3/ZST KZ ZSR AUGLAMOUR RT-1 TFZ Universal Model: A: MMCX plug, B: 0.75 Plug Packa

Rosco E-Colour RS #161 T548

Rosco E-Colour #161: Slate Blue — T5 48″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Cool Ink 86662

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Beachball

Rosco E-Colour RS #131 T560

Rosco E-Colour #131: Marine Blue — T5 60″ Roscosleeve

GE 48777

GE 48 777 — Q24MT32/4C — 24000W 240V 150HR 3400K — Stage/Studio


ETC Source Four Fixture Body w/ Dimmer — White (#7060A1701−1X)

Rosco iPro Slide P6853

Rosco iPro Slide — Trees & Foliage 6853

Antari AF-5H

Antari AF-5H

Rosco Cool Ink HD 78587

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Twisting Fan Inverse

Rosco Cool Ink 77652H

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Year Of The Rat

Philips LV-7340

Philips LV-7340 Replacement Lamp for Canon Projectors

Osram 54589

Osram 54 589 — FLK/T6 — 575W 115V 300HR — Stage/Studio

Rosco Steel Gobo 79219

Rosco Steel Gobo — Stars 9

Rosco Cinegel QS #3083 T548

Rosco Cinegel #3083: ¼ Straw Grid Cloth — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

TK627 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse Pointer PPT Presenter Home Version

Features: Perfect handle, curve modeling, humanized design Laser pointer can be used in work present

Rosco Steel Gobo 78207

Rosco Steel Gobo — Cane

Rosco Cool Ink HD 78523

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Thornery C

GameSir G4S Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless USB Wired Gamepad Game Controller Joystick

Features: GameSir G4s is compatible with Android devices such as smartphone, tablet, TV box (Android

Osram LT40LP

Osram LT40LP Lamp & Housing — For NEC Projectors

Rosco E-Colour QS #210 T860

Rosco E-Colour #210: .6 Neutral Density — T8 60″ Quicksleeve

Rosco iPro Slide P0139

Rosco iPro Slide — Abstracts 0139

Z68 RK3368 Octa-core Android 5.1 2.4GHz / 5GHz WiFi 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Multi-media Player TV Box EU Plug Black

Z68 TV Box is equipped with a well known processor: RK3368 CPU, it provides you a better experience


Techni-Lux Mosaic LED Flexible Light Strips Expansion — 5 x 2ft sections and bendable connectors

Altman ODEC-HDPM-10

Altman Outdoor Ellipsoidal 10″ Heavy Duty Pedestal Mount

Rosco Cool Ink 74012

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Symmetric 12

7x5M Inflatable Movie Projection Screen Outdoor Party Backyard Cinema Widescreen

Features: High quality and durable oxford cloth screen 16:9 screen aspect ratio Self-inflates quick

Rosco E-Colour QS #184 T548

Rosco E-Colour #184: Cosmetic Peach — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Permacolor 8.25 #34853

Rosco Permacolor — 8.25″ Round Dichroic Glass — #34 853 Turquoise

Rosco Roscolux QS #64 T1260

Rosco Roscolux #64: Light Steel Blue — T12 60″ Quicksleeve

Rosco iPro Slide P8855

Rosco iPro Slide — Wildlife 8855

Rosco E-Colour RS #209 T1236

Rosco E-Colour #209: .3 Neutral Density — T12 36″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Cinegel QS #3062 T548

Rosco Cinegel #3062: Silent Light Grid Cloth — T5 48″ Quicksleeve

8Bitdo Mobile Phone Extender Holder Bracket For SN30 SF30 Pro Gamepad Controller

Features: Compatible with the SN30 Pro & SF30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad. Turn your smartphone into hand

Altman 25-0103

Altman 25−0103

Lex LPA-SPK12/4-20

Lex Pro Audio NL4 12/4 Speaker Cable — 20'

Ushio 9468

Ushio 9468 Lamp & Housing — For ELMO Projectors

Rosco iPro Slide P7901

Rosco iPro Slide — Vistas 7901

Nady Audio 8W-1KU HT

Nady Audio 1000 Channel Select UHF Eight Receiver Wireless System

Rosco Cool Ink 78622

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Howling Coyote

Doug Fleenor DMX12ANL

Doug Fleenor DMX512 to 0−10 Volt Analog Converter — 12 Channels

Osram 54755

Osram 54 755 — DZE/FDS T4 — 150W 24V 3300K Stage/Studio

Rosco E-Colour QS #249 T824

Rosco E-Colour #249: Quarter Minus Green — T8 24″ Quicksleeve


Hubbell Female Protective Cap — Blue


ETC SmartPack Portable Multi-Pin Pack 12 — 10A Dimmers (#7020A1101-V)

Altman 71-0010

#65/65Q Body Assembly — Black

33x33MM Square LED Push Button for Arcade Game Console Controller DIY

Features: 33×33MM square push button for arcade game console, controller DIY A good replacement fo

Rosco E-Colour QS #208 T560

Rosco E-Colour #208: C.T. Orange +.6 Neutral Density — T5 60″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Cool Ink 77823

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Nightlights 2

Dual Handheld VHF Wireless Radio Microphone With Receiver For KTV Music

Dual Handheld VHF Wireless Radio Microphone With Receiver For KTV Music Specifications: All around:

Rosco Roscolux RS #99 T860

Rosco Roscolux #99: Chocolate — T8 60″ Sleeve

Lex BE700J-15

Lex 20 Amp Stage Pin Ext. 12/3 SJOW — 15 Feet

Lex LPA-TRS-20/2-6

Lex Pro Audio TRS Cable — 6'

Sunbuck TAV-505BT 400W+400W HiFi Bluetooth Power VU Meter Amplifier Stereo Karaoke FM USB SD

Features: Support FM radio play With remote control, more convenient. Remote control makes your ope


IP 5m Data Extension Cable — Outdoor Rated

Rosco Roscolux RS #127 T836

Rosco Roscolux #127: Amber Cyc Silk — T8 36″ Sleeve

Rosco Cool Ink 71003

Rosco Plastic Gobo — 50's Breakup 3

Rosco Cool Ink HD 73611

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Stained Glass Green

Philips R9842760

Philips R9842760 Replacement Lamp for Barco Projectors

Applied NN 4-14-090BK

Applied NN 14″ Lite Duty Tri-Truss 90 Degree Horizontal — Black

Rosco E-Colour RS #194 T848

Rosco E-Colour #194: Surprise Pink — T8 48″ Roscosleeve

Applied NN 12-04-120

Applied NN 24″ x 20.5″ x 120″ Source Four Double Hung Pre-Rigged Truss

Altman SKY-CYC-01

Altman Sky Cyc (Single Fixture)

Rosco E-Colour E327 - Roll

Rosco E-Colour #327: Forest Green — 48″ x 25' Roll

Rosco E-Colour QS #192 T824

Rosco E-Colour #192: Flesh Pink — T8 24″ Quicksleeve

Rosco E-Colour RS #039 T896

Rosco E-Colour #039: Pink Carnation — T8 96″ Roscosleeve


16″ x 14″ Slip Fit Base — 2″ x 6″ Pins — With Edge Protector

Osram RLC-012

Osram RLC-012 Lamp & Housing — For ViewSonic Projectors

Rosco Cool Ink 77605

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Cumulo Nimbus 3

Rosco E-Colour QS #164 T560

Rosco E-Colour #164: Flame Red — T5 60″ Quicksleeve

HRD-310 Portable Mini FM MW SW Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio Receiver

Features: This world band radio with mini size is rather compact and elegant You can put it in your

Rosco Steel Gobo 77157

Rosco Steel Gobo — Star B

Rosco Cool Ink HD 81131

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Plate Weave

CAT5e Right Angle to Right Angle Patch Cords

VPI’s Right Angle to Right Angle CAT5e Patch Cords are assembled with T568B four pair stranded cabl

Rosco Roscolux QS #122 T1236

Rosco Roscolux #122: Green Diffusion — T12 36″ Quicksleeve

Osram V13H010L12

Osram V13H010L12 Lamp & Housing — For Epson Projectors


PowerCON Extension Cable — 25'

Techni-Lux RL-CF4WL410

Techni-Lux ControllerMini 3ch120v max148ft

Rosco Cinegel QS #3441 T824

Rosco Cinegel #3441: Full Straw CTS — T8 24″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Roscolux QS #83 T560

Rosco Roscolux #83: Medium Blue — T5 60″ Quicksleeve

Electro-Voice WTU-2-G

Electro-Voice RE-2 PRO WTU-2 Bodypack Transmitter — «G» Band

Osram 610-305-5602

Osram 610−305−5602 Lamp & Housing — For SANYO Projectors

Rosco E-Colour QS #507 T848

Rosco E-Colour #507: Madge — T8 48″ Quicksleeve

Altman 6-DN

Altman Donut 7 ½″ x 7 ½″

X100 3.5mm Earphones In-ear Earbuds Stereo Heavy Bass Headphone(Grey)

X100 3.5mm Earphones In-ear Earbuds Stereo Heavy Bass Headphone (Grey)

Rosco Cool Ink HD 77878

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — The World

Rosco Roscolux QS #82 T560

Rosco Roscolux #82: Surprise Blue — T5 60″ Quicksleeve

Rosco Cinegel RS #3010 T848

Rosco Cinegel #3010: Opal Tough Frost — T8 48″ Roscosleeve

Altman 34-0019

Altman 34−0019

Rosco E-Colour E216 - Roll

Rosco E-Colour #216: White Diffusion — 48″ x 25' Roll

Rosco Cool Ink 86763

Rosco Plastic Gobo — 3D CD

Philips 28-057

Philips 28−057 Lamp & Housing — For PLUS Projectors

Rosco Roscolux RS #375 T536

Rosco Roscolux #375: Cerulean Blue — T5 36″ Sleeve

Rosco Cool Ink 77800

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Fireworks 4A

Rosco Roscolux Roll R100

Rosco Roscolux #100: Frost — 24″ x 25' Roll

Altman 55-HEYSR5P-4

Heyco SR 5P-4 Part 1147 Black Strain Relief

Rosco E-Colour QS #269 T1224

Rosco E-Colour #269: Heat Shield — T12 24″ Quicksleeve

Leviton LEL19-0SB

Leviton LEO Ellipsoidal — 19 Degree — Stage Pin

Rosco E-Colour RS #210 T860

Rosco E-Colour #210: .6 Neutral Density — T8 60″ Roscosleeve

Osram SX25+i

Osram SX25+i Replacement Lamp for 3D Perception Projectors

Rosco Cool Ink HD 86651

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Flower Focus

Red Electrical Tape

Red Electrical Tape

Rosco Cool Ink 77743

Rosco Plastic Gobo — Urban Breakup

Rosco 300090950054

Rosco 4' 6″ Porta Barre With Carrying Case

Rosco Cool Ink HD 76551

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Rosette 1st

Rosco E-Colour RS #157 T824

Rosco E-Colour #157: Pink — T8 24″ Roscosleeve

Rosco Cool Ink HD 81179

Rosco HD Plastic Gobo — Barren Inverted

Leviton Blank Keystone Insert

Package of 10 inserts Covers up unused keystone wallplate openings. White insert.

Rosco GAM Steel Gobo 795

Rosco GAM Steel Gobo — Moon with Clouds 2

Rosco Roscolux Cut 12 R19

Rosco Roscolux #19: Fire — 12″ x 12″ Cut

Osram 54125

Osram 54 125 — MR11 — 100W 12V 25HR — Projector